Complaints Procedure


We believe that our school provides a good, appropriate education programme for all of our learners, and that the management and staff work very hard to build positive relationships with all parents and carers. However, if parents do have a complaint, they can expect it to be treated by the school in accordance with the following procedure.

Aims and Objectives

We aim to be fair, open and honest when dealing with any complaint. We will give careful consideration to all complaints and deal with them as swiftly as possible. We aim to resolve any complaints through dialogue and mutual understanding. We provide sufficient opportunity for any complaint to be fully discussed and then resolved.

The Complaints Process

If a parent or carer is concerned about anything to do with the education that we provide they should, in the first instance, discuss the matter with the relevant teacher. This may be done by telephone or by arranging to talk to them. All teachers work very hard to ensure that each child is making good progress, they always want to know if there is a problem, so that they can take action before the problem seriously affects the child’s progress.

What to do if a matter is not resolved through informal discussion….

Where a parent/carer feels that a situation has not been resolved through contact with the relevant teacher, or that their concern is of a sufficiently serious nature, they should make an appointment to discuss the matter with the Proprietor. Any such complaint will be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. Most complaints are normally resolved at this stage.

How to make a formal complaint…..

If there is not satisfactory outcome following discussions with the Proprietor, a complaint should be made in writing. The receipt of such a complaint will be acknowledged in writing by the school. Once a written complaint has been received a management meeting will be convened to attempt to resolve the matter. This will take place within ten working days.

What will happen if there is not satisfactory outcome from a written complaint?

If parents/carers are not satisfied with the response to the written complain a panel meeting will be arranged within ten days of indication of dissatisfaction. The panel will be appointed by the Proprietor and include three people who have not been involved in the matters detailed in the complaint. One of these people will not be involved in the management or running of the school.

Parents will be invited to attend the panel meeting, and if they wish, may be accompanied.

The findings and/or recommendations of the panel meeting will be circulated to relevant parties including parents/carers, the Proprietor, and where relevant, the person complained about.

Should there be no satisfactory outcome at this stage, parents should refer to the complaints procedure of the relevant placing authority.

Recording of Complaints

A confidential written record of all complaints will be maintained. This will include the date and details of the complaint, at what stage it was resolved and details of any findings/recommendations made during the process.


The Proprietor has overall responsibility for the maintenance and operation of this policy. They will maintain a record of all complaints raised and their outcomes.


This policy will be reviewed annually by the Proprietor and key staff.


This policy was approved at a meeting of the Proprietor and key staff in August 2017.















The Complaints Process

Appendix A – Complaint Procedures



The following procedures will be given to and discussed with all pupils via the School Council Meeting:


Complaints Procedure


·         If you have a grievance or complaint, speak to a member of staff you trust.

·         Staff will listen to you and help you decide what you want to do next.

·         If you decide to make a formal (written) complaint, staff will help you fill in the appropriate paperwork.

·         The Proprietor will review your complaint and speak to you within ten days.

·         If you are unhappy with the Proprietor’s response you may …….

1.    Ask you parent/carer to contact the school.

2.    Ask the family liaison worker to raise the issue of your behalf.













The following procedures will be circulated to all parents/carers via the school prospectus.





Complaints Procedure


Most complaints can best be resolved in discussion with the Proprietor or other staff of the school. This is where the process should start. A parent with a complaint would normally be advised to resolve this through informal discussion before embarking on the formal stage. However, in the event of informal attempts to settle the complaint being unsuccessful, the Proprietor will supply a complaint with documentation explaining the arrangements for considering a complaint formally. This process is recommended by the Children and Young People’s Directorate and adopted by the Governers.














The following procedures will be given to all staff via the staff handbook.



Complaints Procedure


If you have a grievance, or complaint, try to avoid acting in the heat of the moment.

·         In the first instance try and speak calmly to the member of staff involved and resolve the issue amicably.

·         If you feel unable to do so, speak to your line manager.

·         If you feel unhappy with the response from your line manager you may put the issue in writing to the Principal.*

If your issue is with the Proprietor please put you issue in writing to the Chief Executive.

·  The Proprietor will review your complaint and reply to you in writing within ten days.

·         If you are unhappy with the Proprietors’ response you may speak to your Union representative.

Complaints Handling Procedure

·         Listen

·         Try and resolve the issue informally

·         If you cannot resolve the issue informally, inform the pupil/parent to discuss the issue with the Principal.