Welcome to New Direction, a person-centred provision for life-long learning and education, based at Ringer Villa, Clowne, Derbyshire. There are three facets to New Direction: –  an independent special school, a post-16 centre which offers individualised programmes for learning-disabled adults and an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy service.

The provision is set in the grounds of a small farm and equestrian facility with a range of resident animals including; horses, Eriskay Ponies (a rare breed), sheep, and birds. We are a small  community with a strong focus on the care of the individual, both people and animals.

Our website has been designed to give you an insight into all that makes New Direction a unique place for people of all ages  to be able to develop and learn.


New Direction School specialises in helping  young people who have difficulties in accessing mainstream eduction due to either learning disabilities or behavioural problems. New Direction is  very different  to mainstream schools. Teaching is based on personalised learning through which we develop individual education plans which take careful account of the needs of each pupil. We have a range of expertise in counselling and therapeutic interventions which help us understand the needs and aspirations of our pupils. These, along with the close-knit nature of our community, help to support our pupils back into learning. At New Direction we strive to do this in a way that makes every young person realise the value of learning.

The post 16 programme caters for learning disabled adults who need a safe, secure and purposeful provision. New Direction aims to give them the life-skills to manage their own lives. Again, we are able to tailor our provision to the needs of the individual person, whether they be vocational, educational or social.

New Direction specialises in the use Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. This plays a significant role in our support for all members of our community and is also available as a separate service.

An exciting new development at New Direction is the provision of specific programmes for young people (16 – 25) in transition between school and adult life.

If you are looking for information regarding our independent school for children, then click the school icon below. If you are looking for information regarding what we can offer adults with learning disabilities then please click on the post 16 icon.

Independent School for Children with learning problems

centre for adults with learning disabilities

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