Post 16

New Direction offers ongoing education for 16 – 18 year olds with EHC plans where the Local Authority and Students wish to continue at New Direction.

We offer a caring, nurturing provision for those with learning difficulties whether based on emotional, social or behaviour difficulties, with specialist provision for those with attachment disorders.  Equine Assisted Personal Development (EAPD) is provided as a therapeutic intervention.  This can be accessed as part of the timetable or in separate sessions.  New Direction is also a Pony Club Linked Centre therefore is able to offer a variety of Pony Club qualifications and awards.

Or post 16 education is a continuation of our school curriculum. Therefore we assess what the students have achieved and what they want to achieve. We then devise an individualised Study plan focusing on which subjects they wish to study. We look at Maths and English and see to what level the student wants to go to (ie Functional skills or GCSE). We offer ongoing PSHE and PE as standard. We also offer the ASDAN Employability and the ASDAN Personal and Social effectiveness where this has not yet been achieved.

A large part of our post 16 provision is based around work experience on our Equine yard and working on qualifications in Pony Club. We believe at Post 16 this is important to develop work based skills and prepare for life outside of New Direction.

We acknowledge that students may have a certain interest which they wish to explore further at post 16. Therefore we do look to explore this with students and see what we can offer. If this is something we cant offer in house we will look to discuss with the LA about looking at getting that support so students can or looking at somewhere they can go to study this.